Be Happy Theatre is an actively touring Dance and Drama Company dedicated to the rehearsal of performances that engage and inspire their audience.

Darlington Cinderella - SistersA travelling troupe in the vein of Medieval Theatre bands, Be Happy have been spreading their infectious live theatre and dance shows throughout the UK and Europe for the last 6 years. With a penchant for cutting edge composition methods and a habit for audience participation, the 15-strong collective work together to create their unique performance pieces.

Comprised of a mixture of amateurs and professionals from all walks of life, Be Happy’s performers aim to inspire their audiences into taking up theatre themselves. From all over the world, they draw from their disparate backgrounds to create theatre that celebrates world culture and global harmony.

Our Ethos: To empower and inspire our audience and players through the performance of Dance and Theatre. By creating expressive Drama and Dance productions we hope to provoke progressive thought and kindle creativity that will lead to the birth of more like-minded performers!dance

Founded by Janet Matthews, she initially discovered her own route to happiness through amateur dramatics. A mother of four children and happily employed – Janet was surprised to find herself feeling unfulfilled. After receiving a flyer appealing for performers in her local Amateur Dramatics Society, Janet took a leap of faith and stepped into the world of Theatre.

In the act of improvising, rehearsing and performing – Janet discovered an inner cache of empowerment and happiness that she was previously unaware of. From cast member to director, Janet grew from strength to strength. After her children had grown and left home, she founded Be Happy with the aim of engaging and empowering those who have yet to uncover the joy of performance.