The Cold Draws In: Winter Creeps Slowly

The cold, insidious rise of Winter will be the theme of our next show.

Whilst we often enjoy returning to our older shows, especially when our schedule is as packed as it has been for the last few months, there’s nothing like getting stuck into a brand new show to really get the crew excited to get back to work.

We’ve just come off our annual 3-week break and everyone’s looking a bit worse for wear. For the parents in our troupe, this break has meant a return to family life. Many of our younger stage performers (usually in their late twenties or early thirties) have children and this break is their chance to go home and spend some quality time with them.

A life in Be Happy Theatre is a demanding one: we are not paid a huge amount for each show that we do and the work often involves us having to travel away from home for long periods of time. During these down-periods it’s important for us to take stock of where we are and where we’re going, this is a key part of our growth and greatly aids the creative process.

The seasons have changed since our time away here in Britain. Thanks to the unusually balmy October that we were treated to, the sudden onset of Winter has come as a bit of a shock to us. One minute it felt like the warm evenings would keep stretching on forever – the next we were hurrying for the thermostats and woolly jumpers.

The bite of the first winter’s night took us all by surprise, but it also has us feeling distinctly apprehensive.

This apprehension, or unease if you like, could be attributed to a number of environmental issues – the cold being just one of them. Upon our return from our three-week break we had the chance to get together and discuss how we were feeling in relation to where we wanted to take the next show, thematically speaking.

Today’s political climate is in a state of flux. The glacial pace of the Brexit negotiations have been so slow that the media has stopped paying it any attention. Accusations of corruption in relation to the US Election and Russia have been slowly making their way to the surface, but now these important findings have been overshadowed by the raft of sexual assault allegations that have been flying left, right and centre at some of the biggest figures in the entertainment industry.

Our next show is going to be an exploration of the passage of the season (an inevitable change that still has the power to shock us) in relation to the comparatively immobile societal climate that we find ourselves in.

How can we make any progress in seeking justice when we find ourselves constantly stuck in the freezing mud with more and more issues? How do we summon the energy to move forward at the same relentless pace as our environment? Can we pick up our feet and keep up with the constant spinning of our globe?

These are the questions that we are hoping to answer with our next piece.